You're in good company

Eddy Moratin
It is easy to boast about Gus’ work. Not only is his design work beautiful, simple and clean but he is very passionate about the overall user experience. This is where Gus is a guru. He is extremely professional but always fun to work with. His standards for excellence, efficiency and punctuality are unlike any I’ve experience with any other provider. You cannot go wrong working with Gus if you want a 1st class design experience and result.
— Eddy Moratin. Executive Director, LIFT Orlando
Mike Fee
Before hooking up with Gustavo, our site wasn’t nearly modern or clear enough for a business like ours, which provides technology to make communication clearer and more actionable. Gustavo’s process was simple and straightforward. He had some great ideas about how to improve our site — vastly — and was ready with feedback on our ideas as well. He helped us move our brand forward dramatically, and at a very reasonable price.
— Mike Fee, Co-founder, Spotlight Education
I’ve had the privilege of working with Gustavo in various online projects and he’s amazed me every single time. He has an amazing eye for design, which combined with his ability to keep the user experience at the top of his agenda, makes him highly effective at designing highly rewarding web site experiences. He’s a pleasure to work with and a sponge that absorbs information at a speed where most people are still wondering what ‘hit them’.
— Manny Hernandez. Board of Directors, Diabetes Hands Foundation
Luis Garcia
We’ve gotten great results from Gustavo’s work. Gustavo has a great work ethic; he works hard but effectively. He is an excellent communicator. An acute listener, Gustavo is always capable of understanding your goals and expectations and delivering them on time, as planned and on budget. His easy-going personality makes it a joy to work with him.
— Luis Garcia. VP Full Sail Online, Full Sail University
Amanda Pasik
My company hired Gustavo to redesign our website. We were looking for a more content-driven site that is easy to navigate for our potential customers. Gustavo was quick to deliver, and met our needs. He was very helpful and communicative, and a pleasure to work with. We would recommend Gustavo to anyone interested in a site redesign.
— Amanda Pasik, Polston Applied Technologies
Yamina Marlow
I had the opportunity to work with Gustavo in the creating of my website for my new business. He was able to get me up and running in a few days and he was always straight to the point. He was also able to get me a site that fit my budget. I had a great experience working with him.
— Yamina Marlow. Partner, Uniquely Inviting
Michael Chriswell
Gustavo is without a doubt the single most intelligent and knowledgeable person I’ve ever met when it comes to web design and functionality. I’ve never in my life met a person so committed to lifelong learning and staying on the cutting edge or been able to tell him about a product, service or web concept that he didn’t already know or that he didn’t already write the book on. Seriously!
— Mike Chriswell. Documentary Filmaker
Enid Hutchinson
Gustavo is brilliant, talented, driven, creative, professional, and passionate about his work. It is Gustavo’s priority that his clients succeed! Gustavo is consistent, focused and resourceful. It is evident that Gustavo is a visionary, and he exudes a confidence that is only obtained by having extensive experience in his field. Gustavo’s guidance and encouragement facilitates a work relationship that is always positive and productive. I would not hesitate to recommend Gustavo to anyone who is interested in working with him!
— Enid Hutchinson. Fitness Coach
Dan Siegel
Gustavo is a professional of the highest caliber in technical knowledge and innovative leadership. He is the person who innovates great ideas and executes these ideas to completion. Gustavo is a tremendous asset to any organization he is a part of and it is a great pleasure for me to work with him.
— Dr. Dan Siegel. Course Director, Full Sail University
Mark Harvey
Gustavo strives for excellence! His philosophy I’d say is mastering efficiency. He is smart, witty, and believes strongly in maximizing time while producing incredible results.
— Mark Harvey. CEO, Destinative
Noelani Cornell
Gustavo is a great blend of professionalism and wit. Although I do not fully understand the intricacies and complexities of his work, when I approach him with a request for help, he does not make me feel inadequate or embarrassed by my lack of know-how. His professional demeanor and focus make me feel that my problems are his priority. I am consistently impressed with his focus, drive and expediency in completing tasks and providing meaningful answers.
— Noelani McGinley. Program Director, Full Sail University
When I took over as the COO for our company, our website was outdated and looked horrible. Gustavo’s well-thought-out guidance and expertise enabled us to have a platform where we could recruit contractors nationwide seamlessly through our website while attracting great employees to join our organization. Needless to say, I am a big fan of Gustavo and his work, especially after a successful business development campaign. He is my website building superhero. Looking forward to working with him again in the future.
— Chu Shin. COO, National Asset Protection Agency
Kyle Menard
Gustavo has provided unparalleled professional, personable and knowledgeable service and experience to BRINK magazine. Gustavo takes the time to explain what will benefit BRINK the most and makes meaningful and resourceful decisions. Gustavo provides quick and thorough results within an extremely short period of time and I am consistently amazed in the quality of work and craftsmanship that is completed. Gustavo is an asset to any organization for his vision, commitment, knowledge, efficiency and resourceful approach.
— Kyle M Menard. Editor-in-Chief, BRINK magazine
Bess Auer
I first met Gustavo Hernando when I was admiring his website, Dafoodie.com, and little did I know how vast his knowledge was when it came to website design, traffic, and overall technical know-how. His expertise is in designing sites, but he is more than just a technical programmer, because he seems to have this wonderful intuition and vision into how a site should greet visitors and what sort of image and energy that site should project through the monitor to the real person sitting there. Gustavo knows what sort of site will engage the visitor, how to attract traffic and drive that flow to corresponding sites such as Facebook and Twitter, and how to interact with visitors via several creative widgets. He is the ultimate professional who provides a quick turn around, and his vision for my particular site far exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend Gustavo, not only for his creativity but for his superior production and the ability to get results.
— Bess Auer. Founder, Florida Bloggers Conference
Holly Ludgate
Having worked with Gustavo these past few years, I have come to realize what a creative, dependable and dynamic problem solver he is. If I bring any questions or needs to him, I know that his response with a solution is expedited and what I am looking for. I consider Gustavo to be an exceptional and genuinely good person. I would highly recommend Gustavo for tasks that require creativity, multitasking, problem solving and diligence.
— Dr. Holly Ludgate. Director of Learning, Full Sail University
Roberto Hernandez
Gustavo is a brilliant entrepreneur. A visionary in his field of expertise. He has his quiver full of excellent ideas. These ideas are not limited for self development, but to genuinely enhance others in whatever they do. He’s a creative and resourceful web developer. He does quality work and brings out the best from his clients as it relates to their area of business. Additionally, he is a friend and possesses professional life coach qualities with his service.
— Robert Hernandez. Life Coach
Orlando Camargo
I have already recommended Gustavo to other businesses. He went above and beyond in helping me create our site and truly understanding our needs. He was always patient with changes that needed to be made, and they were always completed quickly. When I had certain ideas but was unsure how to create what was in my head he helped make them concrete and functional. The result was a clean, interactive and user-friendly website.
— Orlando Camargo. Co-Owner, Altamonte CrossFit
Kris DenBesten
Gustavo recently completed a website for my daughter Gracyn’s new album. He provided exactly what we were looking for and patiently worked through the many changes we threw at him throughout the process. I highly recommend Gustavo Hernando as a web designer and as a person of high integrity who can be counted on to deliver excellent results.
— Kris DenBesten. Owner, Vermeer Southwest
Werner Gruner
Great job! Quick, efficient, simple. Happy to recommend Gustavo for web site designing.
— Werner Gruner. Private Banker
Jeanette Johnson
I struggled to move my website to a new platform for over a year. Then Gustavo came along. He provided the leadership, guidance and expertise I needed to take the next step with my company, and I was on a new platform in a matter of a few weeks. His technical knowledge and skills are unmatched and he tackled bumps in the road that were unique to my brand with professionalism and urgency. I highly recommend working with him.
— Jeanette Johnson. Founder, J's Everyday Fashion
Mat Giordano
Gustavo was super-easy getting his message across about what he needed and when (which was right then), and negotiated like a seasoned dealmaker. Highly recommended professional with a killer work ethic.
— Mat Giordano, Creative Director
Jason Dykes
As an owner of a CrossFit gym it is very important to have the tools necessary to be set apart from our competition. A web presence in this day and age I believe is vital to a businesses success. Prior to discovering Gustavo and his services we had a very difficult time obtaining a website that we were happy with. Gustavo was very helpful in all aspects of developing our site. He explained the process to us in laments terms and delivered the results in a timely fashion. The speed at which he accomplished things was very impressive. Now that our website is complete, we expect an increase in our membership base, as well as an increase in followers that have an interest in seeing us succeed.
— Jason Dykes. Co-Owner, Crossfit RSX
Audrey Martinet
Gustavo is always willing to help in any situation. We have called upon him many times to help us on projects. He shows great enthusiasm in whatever he is doing and is a pleasure to work with!
— Audrey Martinet. Producer, Nth Degree Design & Visual FX
Suzi Shirley
We needed someone to help us build a new website for our organization and Gustavo came highly recommended to us by a colleague of mine. He made what seemed to me to be an overwhelming project into a simple and streamlined process. He listened to our ideas and helped us figure out the best format and look to complement our organization. We now have a website that we are proud to direct people to. Thank you Gustavo!
— Suzi Shirley. Program Administrator, Lifework Orlando
Tina Nalda
Our website was very outdated, and not mobile user friendly. We were referred to Gustavo. He met with us, and assured us that he could assist us with meeting our needs. And he did exactly that, in a very timely matter. We are indebted to him. By helping us get a user friendly up to date website, we are able to educate our patients in a modern fashion.
— Tina Nalda. Owner, Celebration Family Chiropractic
Timothy Ayers
You simply made the process easy to do and build content. I recommend your services to any new non-profit.
— Timothy Ayer. President, West Lakes Partnership