Frequently Asked Questions

Put your mind at ease


I don’t want anything fancy.

Presentation matters and will continue to matter in the online space. A modern website needs to have a simple, beautiful interface that is easy to use and gorgeous to look at, whether your are a yoga instructor, an attorney, or a food photographer.


I may not have the right assets.

Having the right branding, imagery, and copy are prerequisites to creating a great website. The key is I will make it easy for you to collect and create the best assets possible by giving you detailed instructions on what exactly you'll need and by assuring you I'll guide you through the process.


Aren’t there free options?

Things are rarely as free as they first appear. Once you add in costs for hosting, domains, themes, apps, plugins, custom domains, and removing third-party ads, you’re looking at a price significantly higher than “free”. An advantage to using Squarespace is the ability to package domains, hosting, customer support, and continued improvements into a single monthly or annual payment.


I don’t want my website to look like a template.

While it is true that Squarespace has a tightly curated library of templates to work with, the templates are there to act as a jumping-off  point. We would be aiming for a website that is distinctly and beautifully branded, but maintains a familiar user experience.


You’re too expensive.

My services can be framed as an investment in your business. The type of well- executed website I can help you create will provide a value that’s far greater than the upfront payment you’ll need to make.


Can I preserve my SEO?

If you arrive with strong search rankings for key pages or blog posts that you’d like to preserve, I will let you know that switching platforms may cause a temporary dip in established search ranking, but with Squarespace that dip can be significantly reduced. 

  1. First, importing blog content, which is often a major contributor to SEO rankings, is a one-step process. 
  2. Second, it’s easy to customize URLs so inbound links will continue to work. 
  3. Third, redirects of pages that do not get migrated over are simple to implement and will preserve the SEO value of those pages.

Read more about importing content and SEO on Squarespace.


Can I track metrics?

It’s easy to add Google Analytics tracking to your client’s website. Also the Squarespace Metrics App lets you use any mobile device to access page views, visitor statistics, and track social media.


What if I want to leave Squarespace?

If for some reason you want to move your website to another platform down the line, Squarespace lets you export content quickly and easily


Is there anything Squarespace doesn’t do?

While Squarespace is robust and powerful, there are times that it isn’t the best fit for your needs. Squarespace isn’t currently built to support recurring payments, member logins or anything that would necessitate Integrating with a third-party API.


Can’t I just have a Facebook page?

Facebook is important and can drive traffic and sales, but it’s not a substitute for a website. Facebook is akin to having a booth at a farmer’s market — lots of foot traffic but the creative freedom is limited, the signal-to-noise ratio is high, and, at the end of the day, the visitors belong to the market itself.


Do I need an app?

The vast majority of app functionality your clients are likely to need can be built within a website, which will be accessed far more regularly than an app. It’s worth mentioning that statistically, most people use only five apps, with Facebook taking the lion’s share of that screen time. Having a mobile friendly website that loads quickly and beautifully from a smartphone browser will meet your needs and save visitors the irritating step of stopping to download a new app.


What about other platforms?

There are many fair and thoughtful discussions on the merits of other platforms. Here are some comparisons: