I help businesses and individuals use the internet
for good, for growth and to deliver value.


Think starting or maintaining a business online is time consuming or too costly? Maybe you've avoided web marketing altogether, thinking it's just too difficult.

It doesn't have to be. That's where I come in. I come alongside you and provide you the resources and know-how you need to succeed in the online business world: the basics of how to make your website work, how to cross paths with the vendors and professionals that help your business or personal project flourish, and more.

If you don't have much experience with the web or a clear strategy, the process can be frustrating, and techies don't help. They speak a foreign language, and are under the impression you'll magically understand it. I get it.

I'm here to hear you out; your ideas, your questions and your concerns, to help you discover the best ways to develop, promote and continually boost the performance of your website. I show you how to make the traffic on your site into leads, and those leads into clients. 

My consulting services include:

  • Getting you online with a beautiful, professional website

  • Providing an ongoing resource for support and guidance

  • Optimizing your website’s performance

  • Rapidly pinpointing your site's problem areas

  • Teaching you fixes to problem areas to generate more revenue

  • Resolving technical problems

  • Creating a website plan

  • Choosing which marketing tactics you'll start with

  • Helping you build a do-it-yourself website or blog

  • Helping you set up an email newsletter

  • Private one-on-one technical or marketing training

  • Providing insights from your website statistics

  • Teaching you the basics of SEO or social media and more...

Why I do it

  • I want to inspire, be proactive and always challenge the boundaries. 
  • I am continuously learning.
  • I am autonomous in my work and want to achieve goals.
  • I love designing simple, beautiful, functional, no-think websites.
  • I understand how users do things on the Internet.
  • I can design and code but focus more on design.
  • I conceptualise the end result and how it will meet the business objectives before I start designing or write a line of code. 
  • I think no project is too difficult.
  • I know how to make something readable with typography and layout 

What's next?

If you're a passionate individual serious about your web ideas, lets talk. No pressure. Just a couple of minutes to listen to your questions, discuss strategies and possibly lay the groundwork to make your online business not just a reality but a success. I guarantee it will save you valuable time researching options, and will make all the difference in your budget. Most importantly, it'll give you the peace of mind that you've made the right decision for your website. 

With intention,