i'm a simple man.

Hi. I’m Gustavo Hernando. I like to think I'm part McGyver and part Jonathan Ives. (Random, I know.)

I was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and lived there on and off for about 15 years, until I moved to Orlando, FL in 2004.

My interest in design started 3 years into my Computer Science degree. I noticed I spent more time designing my applications than programming them. After graduating, I took up a Digital Media degree at the most prestigious Entertainment Media school in the world. Equipped with programming and design chops, I started a web design company in and since then have created dozens of clean, unique and usable websites. 

In mid 2007, after my parents moved away and I was on my own for the first time, I discovered lifestyle design. I like to think of it as a journey of learning new things, starting new habits, seeing new places and finding the most efficient way to achieve a desired outcome, especially in the areas of online business, fitness, nutrition and productivity. 

I wasn’t into minimalism until 2013. Now, I think I own fewer than 200 things (but I don’t actually count my stuff). Living meaningfully with less stuff aligns perfectly with my current occupation User Experience designer, where crafting minimal web app interfaces to achieve more with less is a daily challenge.

As an extrovert (ESTJ), I spend a lot of time and effort on projects that I care deeply about. My current focus is becoming fluent in Portuguese and helping my fiancee get her event planning business off the ground. I look forward to designing my dream home, realizing an around-the-world trip, and starting an online, faith-based school.

Playing the guitar is my deepest passion, however. I like to think of my style as one part Jack Johnson, one part Ed Sheeran, and one part William Fitzsimmons. Ocassionally you'll also find me taking food photos, posting quotes in memory of a leader I respect deeply, and creating short travel videos