Services & tools to help you build a better business & a better you


Have you ever landed on a website or looked at someone’s business and wondered what nuts and bolts actually keep the big machine running? Look no further — technology has always been a love of my life, and this is a curated list of the tools I use to keep me efficient, effective and sane. Open links in a new window so that you can easily return to this page! 

Idea Capture

Wunderlist – Todo list, for a daily and weekly play-by-play.
Evernote – For capturing all longer-term ideas.
iA Writer – A distraction-free writing environment.
MindNode – For mind-mapping and brainstorming.
Squarespace Note – A simple app for capturing your thoughts on the go and emailing them to yourself.



Flow – Super simple, intuitive, easy-to-use project management software.
Basecamp – A more sophisticated solution for project management.


Tools I use

SumoMe – Free marketing tools to grow your email list – See where your visitors click on your site.
Buffer – Use this for all of my personal social media.
Jing – Creates video screen-captures.
Wistia – Great for private videos for a course or for clients and embedding video on your website.
Mailchimp – Send 12K emails to 2K subscribers for free.
Screenflow – Screen recording tool with editing.
Shareasimage – Shares quotes with an image to get more likes, favorites, and retweets.
WaveApps – Accounting and invoicing. – shorten URLs and tracking their click statistics. – a tool for attaching a call-to-actions to links.
Tiny JPG – Compress images.
The Name App – Find available names for your ideas.
Naminum – Discover a perfect company name.
Canva – Amazingly simple graphic design for bloggers.
Unbounce – Publish and test landing pages.
Drip – Lightweight email marketing automation.
Shopify – Build an online store.
Gumroad – Sell directly to your customers.
Chargify – Recurring billing.
iWantMyName – Buy your domains here.


Marketing Courses

Video Traffic Academy – How to boost YouTube traffic.
LinkedIn Influence – How to generate leads from LinkedIn.
Facebook Influence – Strategies for marketing on Facebook.

*Yes, some of the links above are affiliate links. However, I wouldn't recommend them if I didn't use them and find them helpful, myself.